Friday, May 18, 2007

Whylitzer by xChristie


From: Christina
Whyvillian: xChristie

Extra! Extra! Read all about my paper. Whyville, Whyville, such a fantastic wonderful, educational site. My first day in Whyville was an unusual experience for a newbie, new comer. I couldn’t talk for at least 2 or 3 days, all I could do was look at the other people talk and move around looking silly. I didn’t know much about the site, or what to do; I didn’t even know where to begin. I didn’t even know how to play the games. How this all started for me? Well, it all started when me and my partner for class had to do this video assignment, and I went to her place; I when I came over she had another friend over, when we were on the computer, she had logged on to this website called Whyville, I was like oh that is so cool! She told me to sign up and I was like okay so I sign up and with a little help with her I was officially a whyvillian. After passing the chat test; waiting those long days before chatting I made it. So my friend moomba and I, started discussing on how I could earn clams and so she told me and now I’m almost there to a scion. I thank her for that.

A typical day in Whyville for me is logging in looking at my clams go to all beaches look for some people to chat with. Than after looking around the beaches, I go to the trading post to find some parts for cheap I even go there to sell my stuff for cheap or for a higher price, for some extra cash. I try my hardest to give my whyvillians the price that fits right. My favorite parts in Whyville are the trading post, and the Sunroof or the foodcourt. those are the first two places I go in Whyville. The Akbar’s Face Mall is a great way to get your parts for a good price. There really nice to I get a lot of my parts there cause the fact that they are so nice, fit my unique style.

I have tried all the basic games on Whyville some are hard and some are easy. The one I find hard is the WhyEat challenge. The rest are okay and average level is should say. Although I’m trying to push myself into learning in the science category because I love science; to get more clams by playing the salary games and the cafeteria game, but I think Whyville should have more instant clam games like the cafeteria games.

I thank the Whyville corporation, my friend’s friend who’s now my friend for introducing this site to me and I’m addicted to this site now I go on as many times as I can.